"Peace of Mind" Financial Payment Solutions

Advanced Asset Alliance is an alliance of companies dedicated to the delivery of safe and compliant financial payment solutions for its clients. Each company stands ready to meet the needs of its clients from point of sale payment processing to bad debt resolution. Commitment to excellence, compliance, and technology are the foundation of these companies. We understand that our clients are the reason for being.


  1. AAA Collections

    AAA Collections

    AAA Collections, Inc.

    From small proprietorships in any industry to large health systems and utility companies, A.A.A. Collections offers third-party collection services that are focused on Technology, long-term Performance, and Compliance. This company utilizes a relationship-based collection approach to provide its clients with long term, consistent, compliant, worry-free debt resolution. We treat our clients’ customers and patients with the dignity and respect they deserve while zealously safeguarding their information.

  2. ARMG


    Accounts Receivable Management Group

    Accounts Receivable Management Group (ARMG) specializes in customized services for clients in the management of their active accounts receivable. These services can range from consultation to call center functions to active accounts management. We can act as an extended business office or augment your business office functions with statement processing, customized correspondence, and volume- based outbound call and messaging push. We provide the kind of service you expect from a trusted partner.

  3. CMS


    Credit Management Services

    This is a minority women/business enterprise that specializes in the concentrated liquidation of aged accounts receivable. Clients have utilized our services and guidance when they have been faced with mergers and acquisitions, information system upgrades, and large scale staffing changes.

  4. Guardian


    Guardian by MetroNova

    This company offers point-of-sale payment processing services that focus on safety and security. For many companies, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to minimize loss at the point of sale. We offer low-cost solutions to loss prevention and a customer-sensitive approach to collecting returned checks.

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